Get started with Cryptomator Server, the new heart of your IT infrastructure. The platform encrypts and stores your company files and makes them available via network drives.

Cryptomator Server is currently beta software. Use this version for testing purposes only! Please send your feedback to [email protected].

:wrench: indicates advanced settings for experienced system administrators.

:warning: indicates information that may be relevant for security.


Looking to quickly setup Cryptomator Server on your infrastructure? Head to the installation page. If you’d like to give it a quick test, try out “Play with Docker”.

Play with Docker

You can create a demo instance of Cryptomator Server by pressing the “Try in PWD” button below. You may have to register for a Docker ID first if you haven’t already.

Try in PWD

After the stack has been successfully built, right-click the port 443 at the top, and copy the link. Paste the link into the browser but replace http:// with https://.