Currently, Cryptomator Server is only available as a Docker image. We recommend running Cryptomator Server on Linux servers. However, the software also works on all platforms supported by Docker (like Windows and macOS).


Download the file docker-compose.yml and edit it to your needs.

:warning: It is highly recommended to replace the value for POSTGRES_PASSWORD by a generated password.


Setup TLS

:warning: If you skip this step, Cryptomator Server will generate a self-signed certificate resulting in a corresponding warning in your browser.

Cryptomator Server needs read access to a PKCS #12 file containing your SSL certificate and private key. You can use openssl to convert pem-encoded files to p12.

openssl pkcs12 -export \
  -inkey serverKey.key \
  -in serverCert.crt \
  -certfile intermediate.crt \
  -out serverCert.p12

In your docker-compose.yml file, you have to

  1. update the value for HTTPS_P12_PASSWORD to the password of your p12 file that you have assigned using openssl and
  2. uncomment the appropriate line under volumes and specify the correct path to your p12 file.

Starting the Server

Option A: Execute the command

docker-compose up

inside the folder in which the file docker-compose.yml is located.

:wrench: Option B: Use the compose file to deploy it to a Docker Swarm.

System Requirements


Minimum Requirements for Starting Containers

Minimum Requirements for Operating with <10 Users