High-Level Security for Your Organization's Data

Cryptomator Server is the new heart of your IT infrastructure. The platform stores your company files and makes them available via network drives. Data is securely protected against ransomware, viruses, data theft, unauthorized access, and data loss.

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Made by Skymatic, the makers of Cryptomator

User Management

Use fine-grained user rights and access management with temporary or read-only access to specific workspaces. Connect to your existing Active Directory or LDAP server to import users and groups.

Ransomware Protection

Intelligent self-learning, self-improving ransomware detection using state-of-the-art entropy sampling. Because static file signature and file extension filters aren‘t enough to prevent yet unknown ransomwares.

Antivirus Scanning

Each file will be scanned for viruses while in transit before it even reaches your network storage. Prevent spreading malware either with built-in ClamAV or by connecting your existing AV software.


Employ 256 bit per-file keys for AES-GCM file content, file metadata encryption and file signatures. Based on award-winning Cryptomator technology and augmented by enterprise recovery keys and time-restricted sharing options.

Cloud Backup

Schedule regular backups of the already encrypted files to highly redundant cloud storage servers or restore old versions from the history of individual files.

And more…

  • Full audit logs
  • AI-based account suspension on suspicious activities
  • GDPR compliance
  • Enterprise support
  • Customization options

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